Sarah (Escaping Through Books)

The Eternal Ones: What If Love Refused to Die?

The Eternal Ones - Kirsten Miller I enjoy reincarnation love stories, but I find it challenging to find books with this storyline that seem original. I had high hopes for THE ETERNAL ONES, but ended up feeling pretty disappointed. The first half of the book was much stronger than the second half for me. I was engrossed during the first half because the premise of this story is interesting and I was very intrigued by how the story was set up. However, I kind of lost interest during the second half of the book because I struggled with connecting to the characters and didn't care much about Haven and Iain's relationship. The one character I really liked was Beau, Haven's best friend, because I loved their banter and interactions. Haven and Beau's friendship was developed well, but the romance between Haven and Iain, which was the core of the story, fell flat for me. Unfortunately, the unconvincing romance meant that the book didn't quite work for me. I am still unsure about whether I want to read ALL YOU DESIRE, the sequel, because strong characters are generally what motivates me to continue a series. Despite my lack of attachment to Haven and Iain, I am sort of curious about what comes next. Maybe I'll get to it one day, but I don't feel the need to pick up the sequel right away.