Sarah (Escaping Through Books)


Legend - This is an awesome dystopian novel and ranks next to The Hunger Games as one of my favorites of this genre. The book is by no means a happy book, but it does make you think because the government and its control over the people of the Republic of America was truly frightening. I enjoyed the switching perspectives between Day and June, who came from completely opposite backgrounds--Day was the most wanted criminal in the Republic, while June was a military prodigy who was the only person known to obtain a perfect score on the Republic's Trial (the test given to all ten-year-olds to determine their future fates). The story was action-packed and the plot was strong, but the alternating point of views really helped develop each of their characters so I could connect with both of them. There is also some romance in this book, which I'm sure will be developed more in the next two books. Because this is a trilogy, of course there are many loose ends, but I was satisfied with the end of this book. Granted, I still want the next one to read as soon as possible, but I really appreciated the fact that there wasn't a massive cliffhanger that would make this book seem like it just cut off early and was missing pages at the end. I will definitely be purchasing a finished copy of this when it comes out in late November.