Sarah (Escaping Through Books)

Touch of Power

Touch of Power - Maria V. Snyder This book was such a treat to read! I was somewhat hesitant to read this story because while I was a huge fan of the author's Poison Study (which I consider a favorite book of mine), I wasn't much a fan of Inside Out. I need not have worried, as this book reminded me very much of Poison Study, but perhaps even better than it. The fantasy story was full of adventure, as Kerrick and his crew of boys rescue Avry, a Healer, from execution, and take her on a journey to save Prince Ryne. Characters are the most important part of the book to me, and this book contained so many wonderful, memorable characters. Avry is a strong, independent heroine who isn't afraid to make her own choices. She holds her own on the journey with Kerrick and his band of boys consisting of Belen, Vinn, Quain, and Flea. Each of these characters were so endearing, and their interactions with each other made me smile. I had a total soft spot for Belen, who Avry referred to as "Poppa Bear" because he assumed the role as the protector of the group. I really wish it were me traveling with them instead of Avry! The slow building romance made me giddy with excitement. I love stories in which the girl and boy start off not liking each other much, but then slowly fall in love. Readers who are tired of instant love will enjoy watching Avry and Kerrick's relationship bloom over time. Despite loving this book, I am slightly disappointed to hear that this will be a series. The ending did leave some questions unanswered, but I felt like this would have been a good standalone story. I am also fearful that the following books in the series will not live up to this first book's awesomeness. This is how I felt with Poison Study--I absolutely loved Poison Study, but was kind of bored by the sequel, Magic Study (perhaps that was due to the fact that Valek, the swoonworthy love interest, was not very present in it), and haven't gotten around to reading Fire Study yet. However, I am very excited to be able to revisit many of the lovable characters from Touch of Power! Because I was absolutely incapable of putting this book down, I also purchased the audiobook version so I could continue to "read" the story while running errands and doing chores. If you are new to audiobooks and want to give one a try, I would recommend listening to this story because the narrator was a good match for Avry's voice and did a great job differentiating the characters with different accents. I really hope you decide to pick up this book, and if you do, I am extremely jealous that you get to read it for the first time!