Sarah (Escaping Through Books)

Matched (Matched Trilogy Series #1)

Matched (Matched Trilogy Series #1) - MATCHED had a ton of hype surrounding it when the book was released at the end of 2010, but I just got around to reading it now despite owning the book since its release date. I think I held off so long because I sometimes have trouble fully engrossing myself in a dystopian world, so I kept waiting until I was in precisely the right mood for it. Luckily, the world of MATCHED worked for me, and while MATCHED did not become a new favorite dystopian novel, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The book is not packed full of action like DIVERGENT or THE HUNGER GAMES, two of my favorite dystopian novels, but the writing is both lyrical and beautiful. As a result, Matched was not a book that I raced through with a pounding heart, but rather was a book in which I slowly savored the poetic writing.A love triangle was at the core of the story. I've always liked love triangles even though I know many readers are sick of them. At first I was rooting for Xander, Cassia's best friend and official match announced during the Matching ceremony. However, I enjoyed seeing Cassia's relationship slowly develop with Ky, a boy whose image appeared briefly after Xander's on her microcard containing details about her match. Cassia was always an acquaintance with Ky, but never knew him really well, so it was nice to see them get to know each other and gradually fall in love. The concept of this book was amazing and the world building was wonderfully done. The ending was not exactly what I hoped for, but the way in which the story ended really makes me look forward to reading the next two books in the trilogy.