Sarah (Escaping Through Books)

Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy 6)

Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead I did not want this series to end. I've had this book since its release date back in December, but have been saving it for a time in which I need a book I know I will love because these books are such treats. This is my all-time favorite series because I love the characters, the romance, the mystery, the humor... everything about these books! I thought this book was a great ending to the series, but not my favorite of the series. I was shocked by the revelation of who the murderer of the queen was, but had correctly predicted who Rose would end up with (I think everyone probably knew this!). Dimitri, Adrian, and Christian are among the top of my list of favorite male fictional characters. Thank you, Richelle, for giving us these three swoonworthy men! I am so sad to say goodbye to Rose's story. However, I am really looking forward to Bloodlines, also set in the Vampire Academy world, so that's helping me get over my depression about the end of my favorite series. This is definitely a series that I will reread again and again.