Sarah (Escaping Through Books)

Such a Rush

Such a Rush - Jennifer Echols Summertime is when I bust out contemporary fiction books and SUCH A RUSH was such a pleasure to read outside in the nice weather. Jennifer Echols is the author of one of my all-time favorite books, GOING TOO FAR, so I was very excited about her new romantic drama (and hardcover debut!). My expectations for SUCH A RUSH were high, and I am pleased to say that this book did not disappoint me at all. While I found SUCH A RUSH a bit slower to get into than GOING TOO FAR or FORGET YOU, I thought that this story had more depth than all of her other books. The story was carefully developed and I never felt like I wanted to put it down because I was so intrigued by Grayson's mysterious reason for blackmailing Leah. I was also very drawn in by the tension between Leah and Grayson. While I thankfully could not relate to Leah's life very much, I understood her thoughts and actions and really liked her character. Leah was a refreshingly different character, as she doesn't have a great home life, but rather lives in a trailer with a mother who is constantly running off with new boyfriends. The twin brothers Grayson and Alec were also wonderful additions to this book. Trust me, you want to meet these boys! This book had quite a few steamy scenes in it, and I would classify it as "mature" YA because Echols does not shy away from including sex in her books, which many other YA authors do. As an adult who reads YA books, I loved that she included the intense, steamy scenes, but I know that some readers shy away from this type of content, so I just wanted to mention it. GOING TOO FAR will still remain my favorite Jennifer Echols novel, but this one comes in a strong second. I highly recommend for you to pick up a copy of it to enjoy this summer!