Sarah (Escaping Through Books)

Shut Out

Shut Out - Kody Keplinger I was disappointed in this book. I really enjoyed The DUFF, so I looked forward to reading the author's second book. I thought this book was silly (I rolled my eyes on many occasions while reading), predictable, full of cliches, and then felt like an after school special with all of the major revelations the main character had in the end. Even though it was about a sex strike, the book seemed immature. What also made it difficult for me to fully enjoy this book is that I found the main character to be incredibly annoying. I felt like the author was trying too hard in building Lissa's character--yes, we get that she's anal through the zillion examples of her control freak tendencies. Enough already! However, the author does deliver a swoonworthy male love interest. The presence of Cash Sterling made up for many of the flaws in this book. I would recommend readers who haven't tried this author's books yet to read The DUFF because I think it's a much more polished book, and I would definitely point them toward the author's debut novel over this sophomore effort.