Sarah (Escaping Through Books)

Cold Kiss

Cold Kiss - Amy Garvey I don't think I've ever read a zombie book before. That's probably because I'm a really big wuss and the idea of a corpse coming to life and eating brains really freaks me out, so I've never really had a desire to read about this type of creature. However, I did want to give this book a shot and was pleased to discover that Danny, the zombie in this book, was not a typical zombie like I described above. He did still creep me out, but I was able to read this book with the lights on.The premise of this story was very promising, but the execution was disappointing. Wren brings Danny, her dead boyfriend, back to life, but realizes that doing this was a huge mistake and attempts to fix her mistake with the help of a new guy named Gabriel. The story wasn't as exciting as it could have been and there was no major showdown between Danny and Gabriel, which was something that I expected. I didn't think all that much happened in this story. I also never really connected with the characters, so I didn't really care about Wren's relationship with either Danny or Gabriel.I'm very glad that this book was a standalone. I've recently read some really good contemporary standalone novels, but it is so rare to find a paranormal standalone book these days. However, even if it was the beginning of the series, I don't think I'd be too tempted to pick up a sequel. I'm pleased that I got resolution, despite the book as a whole being somewhat unfulfilling.