Sarah (Escaping Through Books)


Fracture - Megan Miranda I LOVED this book. It reminds me very much of Kimberly Derting's The Body Finder (one of my top three favorite books) because it reads mostly like a contemporary fiction novel but does have a paranormal element to it. The best friend slash potential romance-if-only-they-just-admit-their-feelings-already relationship between Delaney and Decker also reminded me of Violet and Jay's relationship in The Body Finder, which is my very favorite type of romance. I loved Decker and he's become one of my favorite fictional male characters. This book sometimes was a bit scarier than I thought it would be. Troy, the boy who experienced a coma like Delaney and who practically stalks her throughout the story really freaked me out. I sometimes held my breath when reading because I was so creeped out by how he was always lurking nearby. I didn't understand why Delaney didn't just stay away from him! I did feel like the ending was a little bit rushed. I liked the pacing throughout the entire novel but wanted the book to be longer. I got resolution, but not quite enough.The Maine in December setting really makes you feel the winter atmosphere. I don't reread books nearly as often as I'd like to, but I plan on rereading this one this winter!