Sarah (Escaping Through Books)

Love Story

Love Story - Jennifer Echols This book was a major disappointment for me. I had high expectations because I loved Going Too Far (one of my favorite books) and Forget You, both of which were written by Jennifer Echols and published by MTV Books, and I felt like this book didn't compare to them at all. I read the other two novels in one sitting because they were that addicting, but this book was very put-downable for me. This book is a contemporary romance, but it didn't work for me because I wasn't feeling the chemistry between Erin and Hunter. The summary of the book suggests that Love Story would be oozing with sexual tension, but because I wasn't convinced that they were actually in love with each other, their story wasn't heart pounding like Meg and John's from Going Too Far or Doug and Zoey's from Forget You. It seemed like they enjoyed messing with each other's mind more than they liked each other. I also wasn't impressed with Hunter as a love interest, which is another big reason this book didn't work for me. What I really did like about this book was that it was set in college. Most YA books are set during high school, so the college setting was a nice change. If you have never read a book by Jennifer Echols, I strongly recommend for you to pick up either Going Too Far or Forget You over this one. Both of those books are among my favorite contemporary YA books.