Sarah (Escaping Through Books)


Crave - Melissa Darnell This is a great book to read in the fall. It's not scary or anything, but there are witches and vampires in it, which always makes me think of Halloween. I was in the right mood for reading this book and thought it was a perfect read for October. I am a sucker for books about forbidden romance and this was without a doubt a forbidden romance story. Savannah and her family are social outcasts and the Clann students try to bully Savannah at school. Meanwhile, Tristan is the son of the Clann leader. The Clann are descendants of the town's founding families and basically rule the town. Savannah and Tristan were best friends when they were children, but both of their families forbade them to interact with each other years ago, so there is lots of tension as they try to resist their feelings for each other. This book switches between Savannah and Tristan's points of view, and I loved that we could see both perspectives because it helped increase the romantic tension. I have to say that I really wished this book was a standalone instead of the start of a series. I was let down by the ending and thought this novel could have easily been tied up in one book. I'm getting tired of juggling so many storylines of various series in my head, and I would just appreciate a good standalone book once in awhile. Nevertheless, I will be picking up the next book when it comes out sometime next year because I really liked this one.