Sarah (Escaping Through Books)

In Honor

In Honor - Jessi Kirby If you are looking for the perfect book to start off your summer, you need to pick up In Honor. This contemporary novel was an easy read with a wonderful romance in it, but the book was also emotional and had depth to it.The book begins with the funeral of Finn, Honor’s brother, who died while serving in the military. After the funeral, Honor opens the last letter she will ever receive from Finn, and she immediately sets off to California to fulfill a request included in this note from her brother. Rusty, who was her brother’s best friend, joins Honor on the trip uninvited. The book is short at fewer than 300 pages, but was so fulfilling because of its strong character development. I kept thinking about this book long after I finished it, and I wanted more even though the ending was satisfying. While Rusty was a great love interest for Honor and the tension between the two was sizzling, I personally fell in love with Finn, as we learn so much about how caring and protective he was toward Honor. He was truly an ideal older brother. Contemporary YA novels involving road trips with cute boys during the summer are my type of books. In Honor became a new book for me to add to the favorites list. If you have read and enjoyed Amy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson or Saving June by Hannah Harrington, you will also love In Honor. If you have not read those books, I’d highly recommend for you to check them out along with In Honor this summer. You will not regret it!