Sarah (Escaping Through Books)

After Obsession

After Obsession - Carrie Jones, Steven E. Wedel This book was somewhat unremarkable to me. It was a pretty quick read, but I was expecting much more excitement and thought the atmosphere would be far more creepy than it was. I was prepared to be completely spooked and have to avoid reading this book at dark because I get scared very easily, but the book didn't frighten me at all. The story switches between the point of view of Aimee and Alan, who just moved to Aimee's town in Maine to help out his aunt and cousin. Courtney, Alan's cousin and Aimee's best friend, starts acting very strange after her father goes missing in the river. Aimee and Alan believe that a demon (the River Man) is attempting to take possession of Courtney and they set out to save her together. I felt like I was watching the story from the outside rather than being a part of the action. There is definitely "instant love" in this book, and while I thought Aimee and Alan's relationship was cute, I wasn't all that invested in it. Perhaps it was because the course of events in this book take place over only about a week. However, I really did like that Alan was half Navajo because we don't see too many non-white male love interests in YA books, and Native American folklore is prevalent throughout the story. I also liked that everything was resolved in this book (it's a standalone) because I've been getting very tired of cliffhangers lately. While I do not see myself rereading this book, I still do want to give Carrie Jones' Need series a chance (after all, I do have the trilogy on my shelf!).