Sarah (Escaping Through Books)

Winter Longing

Winter Longing - Tricia Mills This wonderful story takes you on quite an emotional roller coaster. The story begins with a tragedy: the day after Winter finally got the courage to admit to her best friend Spencer that she has a crush on him and they share a first kiss, Spencer dies in a plane crash when taking his pilot's license test. At the beginning of each chapter, there's a flashback to when Spencer was alive so it allows you to get to know his character and love him like Winter did. This, in turn, makes you grieve over his death right along with Winter. I felt very emotionally connected to this story and could fully understand how difficult of a struggle it was for Winter to try to move forward. However, it does help that there is a sensitive and hot boy next door named Jesse who is very patient with Winter. I liked to read about their budding relationship, even though it was kind of predictable. One thing I really appreciated about this book is that both Jesse and Spencer were genuinely good guys--the author doesn't take an easy way out by having Winter discover that Spencer wasn't such a nice guy after his death. I think one thing that didn't work for me with this book is the timeline of it. Spencer dies around Labor Day and then the book ends in December, so the events of the story takes place in less than four months. I thought this was a pretty short timeline for how long it takes Winter to recover and feel ready to move on from Spencer's death, but I have fortunately never had a similar experience, so that could be perfectly normal.