Sarah (Escaping Through Books)

Wondrous Strange

Wondrous Strange - Lesley Livingston Wondrous Strange came out a few years ago and I've had it on my shelf of books to be read for awhile. I was probably avoiding it because faeries tend to be my least favorite paranormal creature to read about, but between this book and Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey series, I have now become a fan of faery stories!The book is written in third person, but the chapters switch between the perspectives of Kelley, a young teenage actress living in New York City, and Sonny, a Janus (a human who grew up in the faery world who is responsible for guarding the Samhain Gate, an entrance to the Faerie realms). I've always liked when books that have love stories in them switch between the male and female points of view, so this was a plus for me. I grew attached to Kelley and Sonny, so I was really rooting for them! Kelley had a mind of her own and Sonny was so persistent and sweet. I loved how Kelley didn't swoon at Sonny's feet immediately upon their early encounters with each other (even though she did observe how handsome he was!). Instead, she accused him of stalking her, and then laughed at him and called him crazy when he told her that she was the daughter of a faery king. And I loved how even though Kelley didn't make it easy for Sonny at first, he continued to pursue and protect her anyway. This was another book that I both read and listened to (I purchased the audiobook from Audible). The author, who is an actress herself, narrates the audiobook. Some audiobooks annoy me because the narrator speaks too slowly so it takes forever to get through a page or chapter of a book, but I liked Lesley Livingston's narration of this book because she talks at a pretty quick pace but is still easy to follow. I have already bought the next two books in this trilogy (Darklight and Tempestuous) and will be sure to read them soon because I need more of Kelley and Sonny's story!