Sarah (Escaping Through Books)


Nevermore - Kelly Creagh This was not the book for me, as evidenced by the fact that I started it in October because it sounded like a great Halloween read and got around to finishing it in December. I tend to finish most books within a week (reading a couple at a time), but Nevermore bored me so much that I kept putting it down in favor of many other books. I can't say that I am a major Edgar Allen Poe fan, but I am familiar with many of his short stories and poems (having attending high school and all), so the premise intrigued me because I love when a book contains literary references as a major element of the story. However, I never was sucked into the book like I was supposed to be. I kept reading, though, because I thought things would get exciting because this was a very long story. Unfortunately for me, the climax of the story spanned over a hundred pages and was perhaps one of the most snooze-worthy set of pages in a YA book that I've ever read. It also didn't help matters that I never connected with the main characters, Isobel and Varen, and therefore did not feel invested in what happened to them or their relationship. I also was really disappointed with the ending because we don't get a fulfilling resolution. After trudging my way through 500-plus pages, I expected a satisfying ending, but instead the story felt incomplete. I know this is because the story will continue with the sequel, Enshadowed, set to come out in the summer, but as someone who does not intend to read the sequel, I wanted to have some closure with the story.Fans of Edgar Allen Poe might really enjoy this book and will get much, much more out of it than I did. For me, it truly felt like a chore to finish and I wished that it was cut down in size by a couple hundred pages.