Sarah (Escaping Through Books)

A Need So Beautiful

A Need So Beautiful - Suzanne Young I just knew I had to buy this book when I saw the shimmery, gorgeous cover and because Kimberly Derting, one of my favorite authors, wrote a blurb for it that's on the back of the book. I am very pleased to say that the story inside is just as beautiful and wonderful as the cover. I've recently gotten into angel stories ever since I read and loved Cynthia Hand's Unearthly. While this is an angel story, readers who don't like angel stories should still give this book a chance because it's very unique and not a typical angel book. Charlotte experiences the Need--an urge to assist strangers who needs help, and the pull won't go away until she fulfills the Need. However, her kind is known as the Forgotten, meaning that she is on earth to fulfill the Need, but each time she fulfills the Need she becomes a step closer to vanishing from the memories of everyone she loves. The love story in this book is perfect. Harlin was a very swoonworthy love interest, and I looked forward to all of the scenes with him in them. I really don't understand the line in the summary (see above for it) about how her boyfriend thinks she's cheating on him. Did I miss something? I thought Harlin was a very supportive boyfriend who would get frustrated and worried when Charlotte seemed to be keeping something about her health a secret from him, but I don't think he ever doubted her faithfulness to him. I will definitely be rereading this beautiful story! With the killer cliffhanger at the end, I don't know how I'm going to be able to wait until next summer to get my hands on the sequel, A Want So Wicked!