Sarah (Escaping Through Books)

Unbelievable (Pretty Little Liars, Book 4)

Unbelievable - Sara Shepard ***Spoilers for the first three books in the series*** This is definitely a guilty pleasure series. These books are fun to read (they remind me so much of the Gossip Girl books), but perhaps not the most memorable, as I read the first three books of this series a few months ago and found that I was having trouble trying to remember what had happened in the previous books when I picked up this fourth one. I also think I just might have not been in the right mood for this book because it took me several weeks to get through it, as I kept starting other books at the same time and reading them instead, unlike how I read each of the first three of this series in a day or two. I have only seen a couple of episodes of the Pretty Little Liars TV show and wanted to at least read up to this book because it was originally the last and final book of the series (which has since been extended) before continuing watching the show. I had heard that we find out who "A," the mysterious stalker of Hanna, Emily, Aria, and Spencer is in this book and we do, but the book nevertheless manages to end with a new cliffhanger and mystery. Perhaps part of the reason I had such difficulty in getting through this book is because my favorite storyline--the relationship between Aria and her English teacher--was not a part of this book. There's not too much romance in this book, except for maybe Hanna and Lucas as a future possibility. Romance really drives a story for me, and I think the lack of it in this book was a reason why I didn't enjoy it as much as the previous books in the series. Hopefully I'll see more romance in the following books. Despite not having much romance, I did enjoy the mystery of trying to find out who "A" was and who murdered Ali, and I couldn't put the book down when I had a fourth of it left, when all of the answers to these mysteries are revealed. I will definitely continue reading this series, especially when I am craving some "book candy" (something fun without requiring much thought on my part), but I don't think I could read these books back-to-back.