Sarah (Escaping Through Books)

Mephisto Covenant, The

The Mephisto Covenant: The Redemption of Ajax - Trinity Faegen I have been lusting after this book ever since I saw its gorgeous cover, but I was somewhat skeptical about the premise because the story is built upon biblical mythology and I am not a religious person at all. I had a bit of trouble getting into it at first, but I sped through the second half of the book.This is a paranormal romance story at its core. Sasha is Anabo, a daughter of Eve, while Jax is Mephisto, a son of Hell. Jax can find redemption by falling in love with an Anabo and having the Anabo love him in return. I had trouble getting into this story for two reasons. First, we experience an overwhelming amount of information about the mythology in which the story is based upon in the beginning, and I get kind of bored when authors present too much back-story at once. And second, I had difficulty in connecting with the characters initially. As mentioned earlier, romance is the major element of this story, and I wasn’t drawn into the romance easily because I had to care about the characters first and that took awhile. In the end, though, Jax and Sasha won me over and I rooted for them.I thought the ending was too rushed and kind of panicked when I realized that there were only five pages left when I thought there should be at least twenty pages left instead. There will be another book in this series, but it sounds like the next story will focus on one of Jax’s brothers instead of continuing Sasha and Jax’s story. I liked this one enough that I'll be reading the sequel whenever it comes out. I originally received this book for review through Netgalley, but had a difficult time reading the e-galley so I purchased a finished copy of it when it came out last month to read instead. While the story didn’t completely blow me away, it was enjoyable enough that I’m glad I bought it for my shelf.