Sarah (Escaping Through Books)

Prophecy of the Sisters (Prophecy of the Sisters Trilogy, Book I)

Prophecy of the Sisters - Michelle Zink PROPHECY OF THE SISTERS is one of those books that I heard about a long time ago (way back before I read any book blogs), but I only got around to reading it recently in my attempt to read through all of the books I've been accumulating on my own bookshelf.The best thing about this book was its atmosphere. The first two lines of the book instantly draw you into the mysterious and gothic atmosphere of the story: "Perhaps because it seems so appropriate, I don't notice the rain. It falls in sheets, a blanket of silvery thread rushing to the hard almost-winter ground." PROPHECY OF THE SISTERS mixes historical fiction with fantasy, and my experience reading it felt very similar to my experience reading Jessica Spotwood's BORN WICKED. The pacing of the story is slow, but I didn't mind because the writing was so lyrical, making me want to savor the words instead of racing through the book. I was also intrigued by the prophecy and wanted to unravel the mystery of it, so I never got bored. Lia's romance with James seemed like it was thrown in as a bit of an afterthought (kind of like, "Well, this is a YA book, so as a rule it must have some romance") and I really wish there was much more development in their relationship, but it does have potential. On the other hand, Lia's relationships with her twin sister, little brother, and friends were very well-written and fully explored. This book is a perfect story to read on a rainy day. I have GUARDIAN OF THE GATE, the second book in the trilogy, on my bookshelf and think I will save it for a day that's kind of gloomy outside because it is a wonderful world to escape into for a few hours when you aren't feeling all that much in a hurry.