Sarah (Escaping Through Books)


Fateful - Claudia Gray Titanic was the first movie I saw that was rated PG-13 (I was eight or nine at the time) and after I saw that movie, I was obsessed with reading books--either nonfiction or fiction--about the Titanic. When I found out that Fateful was a YA book set on the Titanic, I was very excited to get my hands on it, despite the fact that I wasn't the biggest fan of the author's Evernight series.I love historical fiction and romance stories, but I was VERY skeptical about the paranormal element: werewolves on the Titanic. However, it did work for me and made for a very exciting read.The romance between Tess (a third class servant) and Alec (a first class passenger, son of a wealthy American) was nice, but not as nearly as epic as the romance between Jack and Rose (I admit that this is probably an unfair comparison). I was actually a bit disappointed that Alec was ashamed by the fact that he was a werewolf rather than embracing it and being a strong, over protective and somewhat possessive alpha-type of wolf.I was really sad when reading about the sinking ship, but only a couple of chapters were devoted to this tragedy. I know that this will probably disappoint many readers, but I actually liked that the book didn't go into too much detail about that horrifying event. I am the type of person who watched the first tape of the Titanic movie a countless number of times (the half with all of the kissing and romance) when it came out on VHS and never ventured into the action-packed second tape that focused on the sinking ship and aftermath.After reading this story, I really have an inkling to watch Titanic again (still the first half only). Too bad my TV does not support videocassettes because that's the format I own!