Sarah (Escaping Through Books)

Shift (Shade, #2) - Jeri Smith-Ready Wow, this is definitely a sequel that is better than the first book. Don't get me wrong--I really enjoyed Shade, but I could not put this book down and read it in one day. The love triangle between Aura, Zachary (Scottish hottie) and Logan (ghost musician boyfriend) is a love triangle that's done right, as both Zach and Logan are likeable boys so Aura really does have reason to be torn between them. For the record, I am Team Kilt (Zach), but I still did like Logan.In this installment, the choice between Zach and Logan is complicated by the fact that, just when Aura is ready to move on, a miracle allows Logan to become solid again for about a 15 minute window of time. Aura and Zach work together to find answers to how something like this can happen in addition to learning more about the Shift and Aura's mother's past. While a satisfying amount of information is revealed, there are still loose threads that will hopefully be resolved in the final book of the trilogy.I'm sad that I have to wait until next May to get my hands on Shine, the third and final book, but I think I'll probably reread this one and Shade in the upcoming months to tide me over (maybe by listening to the stories as audiobooks because I'm curious to see if the narrator can bring Zach's Scottish accent to life!).