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Crave (Crave (Quality))

Crave - Laura J. Burns, Melinda Metz Confession: I bought this book because I saw that the authors were screenwriters for ROSWELL, a guilty pleasure TV show that I started watching recently thanks to Netflix streaming video. ROSWELL aired on television several years ago and is like TWILIGHT, but with aliens instead of vampires. I purchased CRAVE because I was hoping that this book would be a guilty pleasure read (because sometimes you just need some of those) like ROSWELL is a guilty pleasure TV show for me.The book is entertaining and an easy read, but Shay, the main character, prevented me from completely enjoying it. Simply put, she was annoying and obnoxious. Shay refers to herself as the “Sick Girl” because she doesn’t have the energy to do things other high school teens do, as she has a blood disorder and is in constant need of blood transfusions. However, her new blood transfusion treatments give her major bursts of energy, making her feel powerful and superhuman. As a result of these new blood transfusions, Shay has the energy to rebel and “live for once” and she proceeds to do so many dumb and reckless things to prove that she’s “normal,” without any regard to how taking all of these risks and putting herself in danger would affect her mom and best friend were she to get hurt. I fully understood that she was feeling smothered by the people who were looking out for her, but I had no respect for Shay when she was acting so selfish, bratty, and immature.I did, however, like Gabriel, the vampire love interest in this book. We see depth to his character before officially meeting him because when Shay gets her blood transfusions, she falls into his life and practically becomes him while in a dreamlike state. Gabriel is a character who I felt sympathetic towards, and I was eager to learn more about him.The ending was very abrupt. Similar to how season finales of TV shows always end with cliffhangers so viewers will stay tuned for the next season, this book ended in the middle of a major plot point. I enjoyed the book enough to say that I will be reading the sequel, SACRIFICE, which came out last fall, but I don’t feel the need to read it immediately.P.S. – I think more YA book covers should have faces of beautiful men on them. Forget all of the book covers featuring pretty girls in pretty dresses… I want more book covers like this one!