Sarah (Escaping Through Books)


Frost - I loved Stork and have been dying to read the sequel, which was probably my most-anticipated book for this fall. I liked this book, but not as much as Stork, which I would consider as one of my favorite books. I must admit that the thing I was most looking forward to with this book was more Jack, but I was disappointed that there were a limited number of sweet moments between Kat and him. Instead, their relationship is seriously strained throughout the book because Jack becomes obsessed with the environmental research he's involved in alongside Brigid, a gorgeous climate change researcher who descends on their town, so the romance aspect of this sequel was somewhat unfulfilling. I really hope there is a third book to make up for it! Despite the fact that Kat and Jack weren't as much together as I wanted them to be, the book was still a page-turner and an enjoyable read. I loved the wintry atmosphere of this book. Even though I just read it when it's still summer and hot outside, I found myself wishing that I was reading it in the middle of a snowstorm with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand. I will be purchasing a finished copy of this book and I'm sure that I will be rereading it during the winter months!