Sarah (Escaping Through Books)

Snowed In

Snowed In - Rachel Hawthorne I don't have the highest expectations for these type of quick "romantic comedy" books because I know going in that they will be fluffy, cheesy and predictable. I actually have been very disappointed by the others that I've read in the past because they have been way too silly. However, I was really in the mood for a wintry read on the last day of my winter vacation (*sniff*), so I picked up this tiny book from my shelf and decided to give it a shot.I was pleasantly surprised by Snowed In and thought that it was a cute read that was a step above from the other "romantic comedy" novels I've tried in the past. The story was a fun way to pass a couple of hours. And it sure made me crave lots and lots of fudge! (Note to self: find candy store nearby soon!)As expected, the plot was very predictable, but when are romantic comedies not predictable? In the middle of winter, Ashleigh moves to a snowy island where her mom plans on running a bed & breakfast inn, and Ashleigh develops a major crush on a boy who is already in a relationship. Will they ever be able to get together and live happily ever after? I'm sure you already know the answer. Even though the story and characters were not particularly memorable, I still did enjoy this easy, feel-good read. Don't expect this book to change your life, but have fun reading it with lots and lots of hot chocolate if you decide to curl up with it this winter!