Sarah (Escaping Through Books)

Watch Me

Watch Me - Lauren Barnholdt Lauren Barnholdt is one of my go-to authors when I am in the mood for a contemporary, feel-good book with nice romance in it. Watch Me is actually a reissue of Reality Chick (same book, but different title and cover), which was published in 2006. I really enjoyed this book, particularly because it has a college setting and I would love to see more YA books take place during college instead of high school. This story is about Ally's first semester at Syracuse College, which is broadcast to the world because she landed a spot on a reality TV show called In The House (think MTV College Life) and therefore has cameramen following her every move and catching every life drama on videotape. The focus of this story is on how Ally finds herself becoming more and more attracted to Drew, her roommate, even though she is in a committed relationship of two years with her boyfriend who plays basketball at another university. While the romance in this book is predictable and perhaps not all that original, it was still fun to read about and I found myself tearing through the book in under 24 hours. This book fits my idea of a "guilty pleasure" book--it doesn't have much depth, but is entertaining. I think I've read all of Lauren Barnholdt's published books now, and one thing that I have noticed is that the narrators of each book seem to have the same "voice." I think the author does a pretty good job with making the characters speak and think like teens, though. Ally sometimes got on my nerves because she could be incredibly vain, but I still liked her story. I am a huge fan of One Night That Changes Everything and Two-Way Street, and thought Watch Me was good, but I didn't love it quite as much as those two books (for me, it ranks next to Sometimes It Happens). The only book of this author that I didn't enjoy was Aces Up (I do not recommend that one). If you are new to Lauren Barnholdt, Watch Me would be a good introduction to her writing, but I would really recommend for you to start with One Night That Changes Everything or Two-Way Street first.